Putting Some Junk in Your Trunk: My 5 Favorite Glute Exercises

I am just going to come right out and say it, I love me a great pair of glutes. I mean what’s not to love. With a strong pair of glutes you can do almost anything: lift heavy things, run fast, jump high, and make any leg clothing look great.

For too many years the glutes have taken a back seat to the quads (pun intended). And I am not going to stand for this any longer!

Strength starts at the legs. Why are football linemen strong?  Is it because they can bench a lot? Well, that does play a part but it’s mainly because they have those big old bubble butts. NFL scouts look for players with large butts because they know that most of your strength and power come from your hips.  Same goes with pitchers, pitchers don’t throw 95 mph because the have insanely strong arms. It’s because they have strong legs and a strong core that can then transfer that power to the arms.


Whether you want to be a strong powerful athlete or just want to look good in some yoga pants. Development of your glutes is a must.

Here are my 5 favorite glute exercises for stronger, sexier glutes.

Cable Pull Through 


Barbell Glute Bridge


Wide Stance Barbell Box Squat 






Josh Williams

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