Things to Read 2/1/13

This week for me was a mentally taxing week. Full of reading and just work I needed to get done. When it came to writing this week I decided to have a little fun with this weeks blog, Things That Are Acceptable In The Weight Room but Not In Real Life. Give it a read, it’s like a deload but for your mind.

As for some post with more content be sure to checkout these 7 reads.

Improving Agility-One Step at a Time by Doug Spurling

8 Things I Learned in 2012 by Eric Cressey

8 Great Rowing Variations by John Meadows

Personal Training/Coaching/Writing: Why You’re Not That Special by Tony Gentilcore  

Teaching the Hip Hinge by Michael B. Zweifel

Quick Thoughts on Maximal Deadlift Form by Bret Contreras

Why We Are the Even Weaker Sex by Kellie Davis


Josh Williams

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  1. Awesome Josh! Thanks for the link! Like your website!

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