7 Quick and Easy Sources of Protein

I was inspired this week to make a list of quick and easy ways to get protein into your system after your workout.

I have noticed all to often that after a sweet swole sesh athletes and common folk alike do not replenish their bodies with proteins. Now they could be going home and getting some great protein at home, which is what I would like to believe, but I know better.

Got Protein?

Got Protein?

Protein helps rebuild muscle that has been broken down, a not as well know fact about protein is that it also helps decrease muscular soreness. So eat that protein to get the most out of every workout, and for athletes a carb/protein mix would be best.

Here is a list of some great places to get quick protein.

Greek Yogurt: 14g Protein

This is the most delicious option in my opinion (as long as you don’t get the plain ones), and their easy to eat and portable.

Protein Supplement: 20+g Protein

The classic protein shake/bar is not a bad way to go. It’s quick and easy to make and drink/eat. Just make sure a reliable company is producing the stuff.

Milk: 8g Protein

Can’t go wrong with milk, whether its white or chocolate. The good old Moo Juice has been shown to be just as effective as protein supplements for rebuilding muscle.

Cheese/Cottage Cheese: 26g Protein

I love the cottage cheese, but the texture is not for everyone or the taste. That’s why I like to mix some fruit into it or anything that is somewhat health to make it taste better.

Almonds: 6g Protein

Almonds, peanuts, nuts in general are a good way to get protein and carbs into you after a workout.

Eggs: 6g Protein

The only draw back to eggs is you have to cook them before hand but either way they are a great option.

Canned Tuna: 40g Protein

Tuna is so protein dense but I have not been able to find a way to make it taste good and on top of that I hate opening cans with a can opener. If you can get over these facts then it’s a great option.

Those are my recommendations for quick protein sources, but don’t forget about animal meat. It is by far the best place to get your proteins.


Josh Williams

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