Things to Read

This week I am coming at you with 10 more things to read.

With the start of a new college semester comes a whole new group of interns. This week I decided to talk about Getting the Most Out of Your Internship.


As for the others, here they are.

Our Children Are Robots by Doug Spurling

Looking at early sports specialization, and is it good for your kids.

Strength Training Programs: Coaching the Dumbbell Pullover by Eric Cressey

Not Your Average B.S. Core Training by Ben Bruno

2013 Ways To Get Stronger, Leaner, Part I by Sean Hyson

More Tips for A Bigger, Leaner 2013 by Sean Hyson

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday by Tony Gentilcore

8 Unilateral Pressing Variations by Conor Nordengren

A Foolproof Way to Learn More in 2013 by Mike Reinold

Step Ups: A Better Way that Eliminates Cheating by Nick Tumminello

6 Strategies for Improved Insulin Sensitivity by Clay Hyght


Josh Williams

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