Tips to Stay Active During Holiday Travels

With Thanksgiving comes a lot of traveling to see the family. For most people this means they will be unable to get to the gym to workout. On top of all of this you will be stuffing your face full of animal meats, breaded goodness, and pies galore – as you should be. How else would you want to spend time with your friends and family?

Here are some ways to stay active without a gym during the holidays.


If you have a TRX system then this is a great time to use it. With the TRX you can get a full body work out and all you need is a place to hang it from.

Workout Idea:
Suggest: 3×10 (Hypertrophy)

Single Leg Squat
Hamstring Tucks
Push Up
Post Fly
Triceps Extension
Biceps Curl
Front Plank
Side Plank


Ok not everyone has a TRX. If you don’t that’s ok. Got bands? If so then you can get a great full body workout with just one ½ inch band. My friends over at Spurling Training Systems did a video recently on 20 Exercises With A 1/2in Band, if you are looking for some great ideas.

Workout Idea
Suggest: 3×10 (Hypertrophy)

Band Squats
Band Good Mornings
Band Push Up
Band Row
Band Biceps Curl
Band Lat Walk
Band Pallof Press

Your Body Is A Gym

No TRX and no Bands, you got to be kidding me!

That’s ok I got you covered. As long as you have a body then you are all set. Sorry disembodied heads.

A pipe a day keeps the body away

Body weight exercise is a good way to work on movement patterns you may be lack in: Squat, Lunge, SLDL, and exc. Along with getting a surprisingly difficult workout.

Workout Idea
Suggest: 3×10 (Hypertrophy) or 3×15 (Endurance)

Foot Elevated Bridge
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Foot Elevated Split Squat
Side and Front Planks

Get Outside

The one thing I love about going home is just getting outside. There are plenty of activities to do in the yard. That could be playing pass or tag with your little cousin, nieces, and nephews.

When I get home there always seems to be a list of yard work waiting for me to be done. Whether that is cutting wood, staking wood, carrying wood, cleaning wood, you get the point there is plenty of work you can do outside to say active.

My number on favorite thing to do is to go on a morning Thanksgiving hike with my dog Heath. A good number of people do not have access to hiking trails, so why not just go for a family walk.

The most important thing is to keep your workouts short and simple. The holidays are a good time to deload and let your body recover. Above all, get out and spend sometime with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels

Josh Williams

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  1. Another prime cut of tips for those of us with torsos connected to our necks. Thanks Josh!

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