The Beard Factor

After reading a blog post by Ben Bruno on the Swole Quotient. I was inspired to write about the Beard Factor.

Its November which means “No Shave November” you may have noticed a lot of facial hair going on in the gym recently. I have been hearing from a few people about how their workouts feel harder with their newfound facial hair. What they are experiencing is the “Beard Factor”.

There is much power behind the Beard, if one can control it. If you can’t handle the beard then you will be over come by the sheer weight and magnitude, not to mention the constant itching. If you are able to accomplish this great feat, you may just find yourself with the likes of two of the most epic beards of all time. Brett Keisel and Grizzly Adams.

Fear Da Beard

Grizzly Adams did have a Beard







With the Beard Brett Keisel helped lead the 2008 Pittsburg Steelers to a Super Bowl victory. Grizzly Adams beard was able to tame wild animals. WILD ANIMALS!

The key to controlling the power of the beard is to now how to take care of your beard. A happy beard is a powerful beard. That’s why I highly recommend The Facial Hair Handbook.

I hope this gives you some insight in what you might be experiencing. Don’t fear the beard but embrace its power and above all respect it.


Josh Williams

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