5 Ways to Control Your Eating

Most people love to eat, hell America in general loves to eat that’s why we are number one at being fat and also number one at eating hot dogs, shout out to Joey Chestnut, America! I love to eat, I don’t know what I think about more, food or hot chicks looking hot, it’s a toss up.

The best of both worlds

What can I say, America and I love to eat and a lot of it. So here are 5 tips to help control your eating and to prevent you from overeating.

Drink water

This is not a new idea; thirst and hunger are often confused. Lots of times when you think your hungry you are actually thirsty. Your stomach does not know the difference between food and water. By drinking water your stomach may actually think it is full. If after drinking some water you still feel hungry, you may actually be hungry. Water is a good way to find out if you are truly hungry. So drink up.

Make your home a safe place

This is a no brainer. If you have troubles snacking or have a ravenous sweet tooth, then you should not have the temptation of junk food around the house. You control what you buy for food, so make sure your house is full of good healthy foods.

If you can’t live without snacks, which is bull, then make sure they are individually packaged. It’s easier to eat a whole bag of chips at one time then it is to eat a bunch of little individual bags of chips.

Shop smart and keep your house a safe haven from the temptation of junk food.

Go to bed

You have heard the saying, “Nothing good happens after 12 o’clock”. Well I have discovered a new saying when pertaining to eating, “Nothing good happens after 10 o’clock”.  If you think about it when was the last time you felt hungry after 10 o’clock and made a good food choice. Most likely you went to the freezer and got a bowl of ice cream or grabbed something high in refined carbs and sugars.

Instead of staying up and falling pray to your hunger, grab some water and head to bed. More sleep is something we all need. It’s a win win, you get to control your hunger and also increase your number of z’s.

Go to restaurants that have website

Why go to restaurants that have websites?  Because you can see their menu before you go. If you know what you are going to order before hand, than you are more likely to make a good food choice.

A side note, any local eating challenges are not worth it. Just watch an episode of Man Versus Food.  No ones is impressed, Adam Richman.

Don’t be this guy


Cheat you say? Yes, cheat I say. Cheating is a necessity when it comes to eating healthy, a little bit of an oxymoron. If you don’t reward yourself once in a while then you are likely to crack and go on an eating frenzy. When you do plan on cheating make sure you know what you are going to eat and when you are going to eat it. 90% of your eating should be healthy, clean eating, any more then this may result in not reaching your health goals.

When it comes to cheating you must know yourself. You must know how much you can cheat and how often you can do it. Cheat too much and it can lead to a slippery slope of cheating all the time. I recommended once a week and slowly decrease it to once a month. Everyone is different.   For me, I try to do it once a month.  Any more then that and I end up cheating almost every day.


When it comes to eating success you can implement all the tricks you can think of, but what it really comes down to is making the right decisions day after day after day and making healthy eating a habit. Control is the name of the game; learn to control your appetite and you will be successful. There will be times you over eat, it happens to everyone, and its OK from time to time, just pick yourself up and start right back to where you were.


Josh Williams

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