Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Recap and Highlights

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the day at Cressey Performance and having a lot of knowledge dropped on me. So here are some of the highlights from the presenters.

  Eric Cressey

Overview: The first presenter was Eric Cressey who talked about congenital laxity. Cressey posed the question, “are we stretching just because?” Not all people need stretching and most do not. We should be trying to maintain ROM through mobility work, foam rolling, ART, exc.; as well as creating stability within that ROM.

            Interesting Quote: “Chaitow and DeLany hypothesize that trigger points may offer an efficient means of achieving short-term stability in unstable areas.”

Take Home: The goal is to maintain mobility and improve stability and static stretching is not the only way to improve length.

Brian St. Pierre

Overview: Brian St. Pierre had an interesting talk about what lies ahead of us in the world of food. Talking about omega-3’s being put in hot dogs and ice cream, flu vaccinations in milk, cows making breast milk, and making meat in a test tube. Some pretty crazy things are coming to use in the near future. Some will be considered good and like many new changes to our food will be considered controversial.

Interesting Quote: In regards to making changes into habits, “Make a change so small that you can’t fail.”

Take Home: There’s going to be some changes coming to use in the near future. When changing ones eating habits make little changes into habits and then move on to the next change.

  Nathaniel Tiplady

Overview: Tiplady is a manual therapist and he did a great job of going over different techniques used by manual therapists, as well as the pros and cons of each one.

Interesting Quote: “Get your hands on your athletes” when assessing your clients you need to touch them to sometimes find out what is wrong.

Take Home: Manual therapy is a legitimate field that has rationale to back it self up. Manual therapists don’t always know why something works but it does.

Eric Schoenberg

           Overview: Schoenberg is a PT and went over injury prevention and improving throwing athletes. Schoenberg went over the importance of assessing athletes before training them, and that this process should not be rushed.

           Interesting Quote: “ Must evaluate, if you are not evaluating your guessing” “Know what your good at, everything else refer out”

           Take Home: Take time when assessing, act quickly when correcting.

Tony Gentilcore 

            Overview: Tony went over the squat and how to assess if squatting is even right for some people. When assessing the squat you should be looking to see if they have the mobility and stability to perform as squat. The squat pattern can be affected by poor mobility in the ankles and hips. Poor stability of the core can also be a cause of poor squat pattern, causing clients to bend to far forward. Finally Femoral Acetabular Impingement can be a factor that prevents squatting.

            Interesting Quote: On screening clients, “Screening is proving they can do what I want them to do.”

            Take Home: Squatting is not for everyone. Braking down the squat pattern will lead to finding out if client can squat and what needs to be


Josh Williams

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